July 28, 2014

The Enclave





Katherine Kirk lived only for vengeance.  Vengeance against the man who destroyed her home, her family and her life.  Sent on a babysitting mission to Junter 3, RAN officer Katherine Kirk, finds herself quickly embroiled in the politics between the New Holland Government and the Val Myran refugees claiming asylum.

After an Alliance attack Kirk and her team hunt the enemy down and discover that they have finally found the lair of the man they have been searching for…  And the captive who has been waiting patiently for rescue.  “What would you do to the man who destroyed every important person in your life?”



Gunfire flew from the cars behind and Katherine turned tail and leapt up the stairs.  Joshua was crouched waiting at the top of the last tier and had managed to get hold of a pistol.  Around them the NHSIO security from the front foyer was now positioned around the portico columns and returning fire to the attackers below.   The defenders controlled the high ground and the people in those cars had no hope of getting them now.
So why were they still attacking?
Katherine dragged Josh away from the stairs back into the foyer as more security personnel streamed past them.  No one spared them much of a glance but Katherine did not care.  Something was not right.  Inexperience (or stupidity), would be the only reason someone would even consider committing to a frontal assault on Federation House.  The place was just too well protected.
Are they Alliance Katherine?” Josh asked as she checked the magazine on her pistol.  Thirty HC rounds remaining.  Hopefully it would do.
The Alliance isn’t this stupid,” she shouted over the sound of fresh gunfire.  But I would bet a year’s pay that they are involved somehow.  “Whoever they are; I think we should retreat back to my brother’s office.  At least I can guarantee that we’ll be well defended there if anything untoward happens.”
Joshua nodded.  Katherine then noted the ease with which he held his weapon.  “You’ve had weapons training?”
I served with the Alliance Infantry.  Every citizen owes three years service.”
Katherine nodded impressed.  Leading families were known for finding loopholes to stop their members from meeting their obligations.  Nice to see the Val Myrans did not use it.  “Then you can cover my back.”
Both entered the stairwell at a run; taking the lifts would have been risky if the power went; and climbed several flights before Katherine was sure they were on the right floor.  As they climbed Katherine open a comm link to the Adelaide.  
Adelaide do you read me?” no one answered her and Katherine repeated herself another three times.  “Come on damn you – somebody talk to me!” she half shouted as they reached the landing she wanted.
Skipper?”  A burst of static broke over the comm unit.
Sue, is that you?”  Abruptly the static disappeared and the musical voice of Susan Mayer came over the wire.  
-interference is shocking, like someone is jamming-”
Sue, is Steve on the bridge?”  Katherine cut across her.
Yes Ma’am.”
There was a click and then Steven Tran’s voice came over the link.
Steve, I want you and two squads to suit up and get your arses over to Federation House ASAP.  We are under heavy fire and I think the idiots outside will break off if they see some extra persuasion coming up behind them.”
There was a pause and then, “Yes Ma’am,” and the link went silent as Steve cut his connection.  “Sue, has Tom returned to the ship?” Katherine asked hoping for an affirmative but knowing that not enough time had gone by since he had left from lunch.
No ma’am”
Katherine?” A new voice cut into the line.
Richard?  I thought you were taking shore leave – it doesn’t matter.  We’ve got an incident here and I’m afraid that it might splash over to the Adelaide.  Steve is bringing two squads here to me and I want whatever personnel remaining on board to protect the ship and the port in that order.”
How bad is it Kath?” Richard asked.
Ask me again in another hour, I might have an answer by then.”  She cut the connection and turned to Joshua.  She may be overreacting but there was something in her gut telling her that she was right.  But first they both had to get back to John’s office.
Ready.”  Joshua’s voice was firm and there was a look in his eyes that Katherine recognized, she had seen it enough times in her own crew when the situation was tight.
She palmed the stairwell door open and checked that the corridor was clear, then she and Joshua came out, pistols raised to line of sight.  They moved down the empty corridors seeing nothing out of place except for the obvious signs of a hurried evacuation of office personnel.
They wouldn’t be able to penetrate this far into the building?” Joshua flexed his fingers over the grip on his handgun.
Not from the frontal assault, but I have a bad feel-”
Katherine stopped speaking as the sounds of gunfire echoed down the corridor ahead of them.


In a former life, H.M. Clarke has been a Console Operator, Public Servant, ICT Project Manager, Paper Shuffler and an Accountant (the last being the most exciting.)
She also has a degree in how to blow things up and then write about why it blew up. In her spare time, she likes to lay on the couch and watch TV, read and tell ALL her family what wonderful human beings they are.
She keeps threatening to go out and get a real job (Chocolate Test Taster sounds good) and intends to retire somewhere warm and dry – like the middle of the Simpson Desert. For the time being however, she is an Aussie in Ohio and dreams about being warm…

April 14, 2014

The Hero

As I mentioned on Danica's Thoughts, I picked this book up while on vacation in Florida.  I didn't do any research about the author or book, and it happened to be one of the handful I skimmed through while pressed for time at Walmart.  And in the end, it turned out to be decent book, whew, got lucky there!

My lucky find is titled, The Hero by Robyn Carr.  I have a soft spot for romance, particularly Western Romance, but this worked out just fine.  Still a romance novel, but placed on the beach in Oregon.  Just reading the way she described this town (Thunder Point) made me want to move there, good job Robyn!  Anyway, it's about a struggling single mom trying to escape a cult, who meets a town full of helpful folk, and of course ***SPOLIER ALERT*** falls in love with another newbie in Thunder Point.  Sure lots of the book was obvious, but here and there she would surprise me.  And for me, I don't read for the suspense, I read because the characters interest me and I hope in the end they do fall in love and live happily ever after.  (Maybe I've watched one too many Disney movies, ha-ha!)  One thing Robyn seemed to really touch on is how intertwined lives can be, whether it be from divorce, death, remarriage, half-siblings, step-siblings, extended family, friends that are like family, etc.  Despite all of the different relationships it never grew confusing.  At one point she seemed to veer too far from the main characters for me, that's when it hit me, this book is part of a series about Thunder Point, she has to do this in order to touch back on old characters and foreshadow new characters.  When I purchased the book I didn't notice it was the 3rd book in the Thunder Point Novel series, oops. 

One thing I didn't quite get was the title, there were mutliple hero's, which one was she referring too?

Before leaving The States it crossed my mind to pick up another one of her books, I liked Robyn's writing style.  But then I made a big mistake, and spoiled part of the book I was reading.  I went online to look up her latest book (The Chance) and while reading the blurb it gave away details about the outcome of The Hero, the book I was still reading, not cool!  Why did I do that?  Should have just gone to the store and picked up another book, oh well.  During my next trip to Walmart, I completely forgot to swing by the book section and before I knew it the time to return home had come.

Will I read/purchase another Robyn Carr book in the future?  If one happens to end up in my hands or on my Amazon wish list, sure!

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica

February 6, 2014

The Money Tree

Genre: Children


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Follow Tyler on his adventure to get enough money for a cool new toy, without the help of his parents. A witty and fun story with upbeat text for your young child with a valuable lesson about working hard and saving money to get something they really want! The clear text and playful illustrations aim to simplify financial concepts like earning, saving, interest, the difference between needs and wants, and the joy of running one’s own business. To make the otherwise boring topic interesting, the concepts have been explained through small anecdotes accompanied with colorful illustrations to stimulate children and ignite a love of saving.



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About the Author:

LaDonna N. Smith is a certified financial educator whose goal is to educate youth from all walks of life on how to find their path to financial empowerment. LaDonna draws inspiration for her book ideas from several typical parenting routines; watching her children play or argue, overhearing them sing or talk, and listening to all the amazing ideas, concerns, & request that they come up with. The Money Tree, is the first, but her children have inspired many more literary surprises already in the works! LaDonna and her husband reside in New York and have four wonderful children, all with intriguing and different personalities, like the characters she creates in her storybooks.  

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Author LaDonna N. Smith is giving away a copy of The Money Tree on Goodreads! Make sure to enter for your chance to win.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Money Tree by Ladonna N Smith

The Money Tree

by Ladonna N Smith

Giveaway ends February 17, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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I was excited to see a children's book on the Fire & Ice list of book tours.  I jumped at the chance to review the book (even though I have never reviewed a book before).  I'm always looking for new books and stories to read to my 4yr old and since we have been talking about saving money this book seemed perfect.  As a writer myself, I appreciate the work, time, and thought LaDonna put into The Money Tree.  But would I say this book is for the little ones, not exactly.  My daughter appreciated the idea of the book, the colorful pictures, and the concept of a money tree but overall the text was a little too adult for her.  Don't get me wrong, she could follow the story, but it was obviously written for older children.  (The pictures alone could have clued me into that.)  Would I recommend this book, sure, I highly appreciate what LaDonna is doing, kids these days need to learn how to deal with money, but I would recommend it to probably age group 8 and older.  Keep up the good work LaDonna, and maybe your next book can be about how to deal with bullies, something else kids have to learn to deal with in life.
*This book was provided by the author and Fire & Ice for a review, no payment received*

December 1, 2013

The Cowboy's Bride

Genre: Western Romance

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In this novella, Tessa and Jake knew each other since they were infants. It took one drunken night for them to realize they were meant to be together forever. Life didn't see it that way. It takes an arch, a romantic cowboy, and a promise of forever for this couple to finally get their perfection.

From the middle...
At three o’clock, Jake once again rode up on Midnight, dressed in a suit and white Stetson. This time, he had a rose attached to his lapel. And one long, stem white rose in his hand. Tessa watched him as he stood, waiting for his bride. She nearly screamed as she watched him. He was calm, cool and collected. She was a nervous mess.
She ran her hands down her hair and clutched. Just then...  

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About the Author:

Danielle Lee Zwissler was born in Dover, Ohio. A small town in Northeast Ohio. Her love of romance and cowboys have helped enrich her life and love of reading.
She is also big fan of William Shatner, Harry Potter, and all things Harlequin.
Her first novel, "Her Last Chance", debuted in 2010 with Firefly & Wisp Books. And then shortly after the sequel, "The Art of Seduction". In 2011, an up and coming publisher, "Books to go Now!" published a trio of short-stories called, "Trio of Sin".
Since then, Danielle has been featured in several anthologies, and 5 erotica books under her pen name, Heather Lane.
Currently, Danielle is working on several fantasy as well as a few western romances.
Her latest set of books are all part of a series called, "Cowboys & Cowgirls". This series features five books, all of the western nature, with sexy lead characters and several subplots. The first in the series is "The Cowboy's Bride" which is now available on paperback as well as ebook. Then the rest of the series will go as followed: Served, Cowgirl Up!, Cowboy Up!, Dakota Falls, and then Tiegen's Bride.

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November 25, 2013

Beautiful Scars

Genres: Women's Fiction, General Fiction, Inspirational

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Growing up was not easy for Chantelle. At an early age her innocent eyes witnessed some of the ugliness in the world. Determined not to be like her mother, she sets out to find her own path in life. With her new found freedom and her best friend Shaundra leading the way, Chantelle quickly falls into the fast paced night life but secretly longs for love. After a failed relationship leaves her feeling lost and alone, she tries to hold onto the one thing she knew to be solid and true, her deep rooted friendship. When life serves up another horrible blow she’s forced to question not only her friendship with Shaundra but also herself. Left with physical scars as a constant reminder of the things that happened to her, she struggles to heal emotionally as old wounds resurface. Join Chantelle on her journey as she learns how to love and when to let go. 


After taking a few unsteady steps towards the house I was stopped dead in my tracks by what I saw next. A cute little girl came bouncing into the room. She wore braids with barrettes and ball balls all over her head. She had on a pair of pink princess pajamas. She skipped across the room and jumped on the couch next to him and said something. They both laughed and he pointed the remote at the TV. They talked back and forth smiling and laughing. I watched in awe as he tickled her and she laughed kicking her legs onto the air and waving her arms all about. I even cracked a smile when she got up and did a funny little dance trying to entice him to catch her before she ran and jumped back onto the couch, only to be tickled again. My own laughter at this heartwarming moment soon turned into tears. I stood in the yard watching them like I was watching a movie about a warm and loving family that I was not a part of. I was literally an outsider looking in. The warm and fuzzy feelings that I got watching this little girl, my little sister, were overheating, turning into rage in the pit of my stomach. Watching him interact with her only fueled my now jealous, drunken rage even more.
He was so gentle with her although she was obviously excited and couldn’t sit still. I knew if that had been me as a child I would have been slapped across the face and my mother beaten for not being able to control me. I never felt my father’s love, I only witnessed his wrath. Now after all these years and so much damage done he gets to live like the Huxtable’s while I still suffer. No! Not tonight. As I walked closer I watched the little girl snuggle up next to him on the couch. She seemed so content. She looked so safe and I began to have second thoughts. I was still angry but thought about all the drama my parents subjected me too. I thought about all the nights I laid in the bed crying listening to the screaming and hollering and eventually the beatings. Just a few steps from the door I had talked myself out of knocking. Not for him, not for me, but for the sake of this child’s innocence. 
I was robbed of my innocent view of the world through a child’s eyes. I was forced to see so much of its ugliness at such a young age and I didn’t want to take that from her. I didn’t want her to have to be scared or try to figure out why some crazy drunk lady was in her house cussing her daddy out. Disappointed in myself that I didn’t get to tell him off, I turned away feeling even more rejected. Without him even knowing I was there. As I walked across the street, on impulse, I turned around and launched my half empty bottle of liquor towards the car sitting in the driveway which assumingly was his. The only thing that startled me more than the unexpected loud sound of glass breaking against the hard metal of the back of the car was the blaring of the car alarm going off. I jumped at the sound of both and ran full speed to my car, stumbling in the middle on the street before I got there. I saw the figure of a man in my peripheral as I pressed hard on the gas and sped off into the darkness of the night.
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(Use coupon code TRX3NC8N for 40% off the week of the tour )
Author Bio:
I was born in Louisville Kentucky where I still reside. I have three wonderful sons and a supportive husband who I love dearly and come second in my life only to God. I have been writing poetry and short stories since junior high school and it has become one of my passions in life. I published my first book of poems Words From A Sista in 2010. I have recently completed my first novel Beautiful Scars and hope to write many more. I truly believe anything is possible in life with not only God but with hard work, patience and perseverance. I write not to be rich and famous but hopefully to inspire and motivate others.
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November 16, 2013

The Fifth Column

Fire & Ice Virtual Book Tour Dates: 11/12/13 – 12/10/13

Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction

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In the near future, the United States has been transformed into the Unified State, an oppressive police state that keeps its citizens under constant surveillance. Poverty and crime are rampant, and the citizens live beneath a perpetual cloud of fear. Pedro Pulido has never known his country to be any other way, but his grandfather remembers a time before, and he teaches Pedro to recognize the propaganda for what it is and to think for himself. Still, Pedro is no revolutionary.
Then Pedro’s quiet town is engulfed by the country’s growing anti-government insurgency, and terrifying changes begin to occur. A mechanical soldier with artificial intelligence, Samuel, is deployed in the neighborhood and, like others of its kind, is glorified by the government as a great protector of the people. 
However, it quickly becomes apparent that Samuel isn’t just keeping an eye out for insurgents. After the death of one of Pedro’s closest friends at Samuel’s hands, Pedro finds himself faced with a decision. Does he accept the status-quo or seek justice for his friend’s murder?

Samuel sat motionless at the end of the cul-de-sac in the pouring rain. Or, seemingly motionless to the residents of Sanctuary Court, anyway. Currently, it had 12 uni-directional robotic ears trained with mathematical precision on strategic points within the neighborhood. Three other microphones were set to record all nearby ambient noise through a variety of filters for the sounds of electrical and mechanical tools, the spoken word, and even whispering. They could record the drop of a pin with crystal clarity from over 100 meters away. Samuel’s numerous optical lenses were trained similarly. In wide-angle they could snap to movement and then zoom in and follow. In tight-angle they could record in high-definition a portion of a citizen’s tattoo or birthmark and, even if it was half concealed, compare it against millions of others in the FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, and Civil Defense Intelligence databases. For all of its concealed functionality, it looked like its power switch had been shut off. Samuel observed the residents of the street peering out through their half-closed curtains and blinds or through front doorways held slightly ajar. The heavy rain pattered against its frame, and in the gray overcast day, it looked like something discarded. 

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About the Author:
Robert Corrado grew up in a small town in the California foothills reading comic books and science fiction novels, muddling through pen and paper role-playing games, and filming amateur action shorts on his neighbor’s VHS camcorder. He currently resides in Denver Colorado.  He’s always been a big dreamer, starting his own business at the age of 21, and pursuing creative projects throughout his life in a variety of mediums.  He enjoys reading novels, watching films, skiing, dancing and karaoke with his wife Karen, and spending time with his Jack Russell Terrier, Joey. He has been writing creatively since grade school and shows no signs of stopping.  Some of his favorite books are 1984, Jennifer Government, and just about anything by Phillip K. Dick.  If he were standing in front of you or writing an about page for you he’d definitely thank you for taking the time to read something he wrote so…

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Author Robert Corrado is giving away some great prizes! One lucky winner will receive a free copy of The Fifth Column, plus a $50 Amazon gift card. Four other winners will receive a copy of the book! Enter through Rafflecopter. Winners will be randomly selected by the author at the end of the tour. 

November 10, 2013

Old Reviews

Well, I obviously want to get some content on this blog before hosting my first book tour for Fire & Ice on November 16th, so there's no better place to start than with books I've already mentioned on Danica's Thoughts!  Just click on the title and you can read the posts... in the future the posts will be located here at Danica's Book Corner!

Guide Books :

Kids Books :

Audio Books:

Western Romance :

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